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A Revolution in Wind Energy?

1st April 2010

The Quietrevolution qr5 wind turbine in use

A Revolution in Wind Energy?

          Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group were delighted to welcome Vaughan Griffiths of the wind turbine manufacturer Quietrevolution to their recent meeting. Based in Pembroke Dock, the company can truly claim to be a local success story.

          Coming from a background in the automotive industry, Vaughan described how exciting it was for him to face the challenge of helping to establish this industry-leading venture in Pembrokeshire. It was based on cutting edge technology and their market leading product, the qr5, took full advantage of the recent strides made in the development of high strength flexible materials.

          There were many advantages to the qr5. It boasted advanced safety systems, very low noise levels, reliability, remote monitoring and controllability. The helix shaped turbine blades were aesthetically most pleasing. Power output from the design also increased in turbulent wind conditions.

          The product was now particularly attractive. With the new feed-in-tariff payback for the cost of purchase and installation could be achieved in as little as ten years. There were also clear signs that the Government intended to relax planning laws to facilitate the installation process.

          It was fair to say however that this product was not generally suitable for the average domestic property. Customers mainly included corporate bodies and public organisations. Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys were amongst their clients. Five were now located in the new Kings Dock area of Liverpool. Qr5s were also to be found on many school sites and station car parks.

          The use of the Quietrevolution in urban areas was shown by a picture of City House, Croydon which now boasts eight turbines. Future ideas involve the possibility that some may also be combined with motorway lighting taking advantage of local high wind turbulence.

          This close proximity to people meant that safety had to be the paramount consideration. Turbines were frequently tested to destruction, regularly showing that these machines would not fail until they were pushed to speeds of more than four times their design load.

          Though it was not intended that theses turbines should compete with the larger traditional wind turbines they occupied a very important niche market. They could safely be installed close to buildings and people and in relatively confined locations.

          Vaughan was thanked by the Chair for a fascinating insight into the development of Quietrevolution and the engineering opportunities it has brought to Pembrokeshire.

          The meeting continued with a report of the web conference at Hermon organised by PLANED and Ynni'r Fro. This linked Pembrokeshire to Tiree in Scotland and members present learnt much about the challenges involved in developing a community wind turbine project.

          Neil Sefton then reported on the recent meeting of the Saundersfoot Forum. Many local groups had given details of their current progress. The launch of a new Welsh Assembly Government initiative 'Supporting Sustainable Living' was held in Cardiff on the 7th March. The scheme will be administered by Environment Wales. PSEEG provided their display at this event.

          Dulas had now provided their final report on the Group's wind turbine project. Tenders will soon be invited for the remaining work. It was anticipated that this will take the project to planning application stage.


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