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Energy Survey for South East Pembrokeshire

11th September 2009

Energy Survey for South East Pembrokeshire

          At their recent annual general meeting members of Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group were thrilled to hear that PLANED in conjunction with the West Wales Eco Centre, was prepared to finance a professional survey of their area to identify suitable sites where community based renewable energy projects might be located. Jetske Germing, representing PLANED, told the Group that she hoped detailed proposals for the survey would be available by their September meeting. Members present expressed their enthusiastic support for this venture.

          The Chair went on to report that the year had been most successful. A wide range of speakers had been prepared to share their experiences at the regular monthly meetings covering a variety of topics including carbon foot-printing, wind turbines, solar water heating, environmental enterprises and fund raising. A visit was organised to the hugely impressive St Oswald's Community Centre and members had addressed meetings of various local organisations where information was given on financial assistance for cavity wall and loft insulation and energy saving light bulbs distributed.

          The Group also participated in a variety of conferences and national consultations. They were represented at the Welsh Assembly Government's National Energy Efficiency and Savings stakeholder workshop and the Cynnal Cymru Climate Change Conference in addition to supporting the Pembrokeshire Renewables event organised by the Coastal Forum and the Feed-in Tariff conference held at Nant-y-Ffin. It is anticipated that this will become well established in the coming year.

          The Chair confirmed that once again Environment Wales had granted substantial financial support for the continued development of Group activities. Grateful thanks was recorded by the members.

          The report was followed by the election of officers. All existing officers were re- elected for the coming year and in addition three new positions were created, Membership Officer (Elizabeth Talboys), Technical officer (Philip Wathen) and Business Officer (Neil Sefton). Tessa Pearson was elected unopposed to the vacant post of Vice-Chairperson. It was felt that theses new appointments would significantly increase the strength of the management team.

          Suggestions for the coming year's programme were discussed. It was announced that the date for the visit to the Infinergy wind farm at Castle Pill would be Thursday 24th September. The Group would assemble at the Technium Building at Pembroke Dock for a short presentation before moving on to the site. Any members of the public interested in accompanying the Group should contact the secretary on 01834 813839 by Wednesday 16th September.

          The date of the next meeting of the Group was agreed to take place on Thursday 17th September at which Nick Dorrell will talk on the issues surrounding the installation of domestic wind turbines. A local installer, Nick has extensive experience in this field. He will address the many factors that must be considered when undertaking such a project. The selection of the most suitable turbine, the choice of site and the planning implications will figure prominently. He will also describe some of the less scrupulous practices that are sometimes found in this industry. More recently Nick has diversified and now also offers the installation of photovoltaic panels on domestic properties. Recent government proposals suggest that from next April the feed-in tariff into the grid will be substantially increased making domestic generation of electricity a much more attractive proposition. Nick's talk will therefore also deal fully with this topic. Members of the public are cordially invited to attend this meeting.


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