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Could Pembrokeshire go carbon neutral?

13th February 2009

Could Pembrokeshire go carbon neutral?

          Amongst the many topics discussed was the value of self monitoring at home of electricity use. The group is now testing various types of monitoring equipment and it its anticipated that these will soon be available on free loan to members of the public. Past experience suggests that a significant reduction in energy bills can result.

          It was also announced that the group still had a significant supply of energy efficient light bulbs which are available for free distribution to the over 70's and people on certain benefits (maximum of 2 per person). Various methods of distribution were considered.

          Carbon footprinting of individuals, households, communities and countries was the next topic. Members with access to the internet were encouraged to use the Act on CO2 Calculator to see what their footprint was and others were given forms to complete. The hope was expressed that it would then be possible to generate a community footprint for the group.

          At the next meeting (19th February 2009 at 7.00pm in the Regency Hall, Saundersfoot) it is planned to show the DVD of the progress of the village of Ashton Hayes to the goal of carbon neutrality. To achieve complete neutrality may be very difficult but it is possible to make great progress in this direction. If all communities were prepared to follow the example of Ashton Hayes (a very normal small community in Cheshire) a significant contribution to the long term viability of the planet would be made. Should communities in South West Wales follow their example?


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