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Using Nature's Energy Resources

26th May 2017

Ponies with a wind turbine at Tiree

Ponies with a wind turbine at Tiree

Using Nature's Energy Resources

          Ben Ferguson-Walker has been the Development Officer for the Welsh Government's Ynni'r Fro scheme since it's inception in 2009. He was the speaker at Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group's (PSEEG) May meeting to give an update on the past and future of renewable energy not only in Pembrokeshire but across the UK.

          He explained that we have access to abundant current energy sources - such as wind, solar, tidal and hydro. Each year it becomes clearer and more pressing that we must limit our use of fossil fuels. Currently the UK government supports fossil fuels by 400 per person per year as against renewable energy 112 per person per year.

          Ben entertained us with a song starting with Lemmings (and how we laughed about their supposed habit of following each other over the cliffs); then Fossil Fuels (putting the climate on the floor). Humans followed (instigating their own demise). Darwin's theory of evolution and the problems with man-made climate change deniers were highlighted. Are we following the Lemmings?

          The Welsh Government introduced the Future Generations Act. Along with many proposals it supports and encourages community sustainable energy. This has enabled and encouraged local councils to be positive in their approach to renewable energy. Pembrokeshire County Council is looking at it's estate and promoting it's own schemes; planning and putting photovoltaic panels above the carpark and pursuing an Archimedes screw in the weir outside County Hall. The electricity will be fed directly into County Hall. Many other schemes are being looked at around the County.

          Ben mentioned the Pembrokeshire Pioneers including PSEEG, Transition Bro Gwaun (TBG) at Fishguard and Cwm Arian Renewable Energy (CARE) at Hermon. TBG has successfully installed a wind turbine near Fishguard and are currently researching tidal energy off Strumble Head. PSEEG had worked on a proposed wind turbine project at East Williamston and although it was no longer involved, the scheme is being carried forward by Community Energy in Pembrokeshire. The project has gained planning permission for a 900kW turbine. CARE has got planning permission for a 700kW turbine. The last two face the same problems. As Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) are no longer available they are looking at alternative ways of supplying the electricity locally. It was pointed out that had CARE been granted permission when originally applied for, it could have put 4 million pounds into the local community over 25 years.

          A number of schemes around the country were looking at how the electricity generated could be supplied locally at a reduced price. When the renewable energy was not available the electricity would come from the grid. The idea was that people would plan their use to take advantage of the much reduced local rate.

          Tiers Cross local Community Council invested in a renewable scheme and has 24,000 to re-invest locally per year.

          Currently around Pembrokeshire there are many communities looking at various schemes including one at Llanteg Park looking at micro-generation.

          Ben illustrated how we can have concern at a global level, influence what I can do and control over our own life. The mantra being 'think globally act locally'.

           He was warmly thanked for his inspirational talk which showed that communities across Wales are finding ways of overcoming the set backs suffered by the removal of FiTs. He has been a support to PSEEG from its inception.


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