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National Trust in Wales: Energy Neutral by 2015

29th March 2013

Plas Newydd Country House, Anglesey

Plas Newydd Country House, Anglesey

National Trust in Wales – Energy Neutral by 2015

          Paul Southall, Environment Advisor for the National Trust gave an extremely inspiration talk to members and friends of Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group at their March meeting.

          He started by pointing out that the Trust held a wide range of properties, large and small, including villages, pubs, farms, 2 gold mines and 700 miles of the coastline. A lot of the work that they had done could be followed in a domestic, business or corporate setting.

          The starting point was monitoring. This included all the cost 'inputs' such as oil, gas, coal, water, sewerage. By careful monitoring excess heating, timers wrongly set, water being paid for that was not used by the Trust became apparent. Sensible systems were then used to make the necessary adjustments which involved all staff and volunteers being aware of any wastage of resources.

          Next came the energy efficiency steps – lagging pipes, insulating roof spaces and where possible walls, making sure windows fitted (excluding draughts) using shutters and heavy lined curtains. The immense number of light bulbs on Trust properties made it necessary to find a way of replacing the incandescent type with energy efficient ones. For a number of reasons none already on the market were suitable. In conjunction with a Welsh firm (which now employs 3 people) a new type of bulb was created which fulfilled all the necessary criteria. Water harvesting reduces water bills.

          The Trust also looked at generating electricity. It was already doing so at some of its sites – the water mill at Aberdulais Falls for example. Power from steams and rivers in Snowdonia is being harnessed. Photo voltaic panels generate electricity from the sunlight when the properties are busiest – in the summer months. These have been installed at many properties and always in keeping with the setting – Llanerchaeron is a great example as they are installed away from the house on both an agricultural building and in a field and contribute 30% of the energy needs for the mansion. All PV panels must be recycleable at the end of their life. Solar panels heat water. Biomass heats properties both large and small – as an example Chirk Castle uses wood pellets and a new system is coming on stream at Stackpole. A new development is the use of a marine heat pump due to be installed in the Menai Straits to give heat to Plas Newydd. Wind turbines installed at farms help to make them financially viable.

          The aim is to install the right thing at the right place.

          All projects have to meet certain criteria. The payback time for energy efficient measure must be within 5 years and renewable energy projects must be within 10 years.

          The savings already made are considerable. Currently since 2009 there has been a 49% reduction in energy use. The aim is to be energy neutral by 2015.

          As Paul said “ If we can, you can”.


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