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Array of Hope

30th November 2012

An artist's impression of the Atlantic Array planned for the Bristol Channel

The Atlantic Array

Array of Hope

          The United Kingdom has a legal obligation to produce 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020. In practical terms this means that 30% of its electricity needs to be generated in this manner. As opportunities for hydro-electricity are limited and the exploitation of tidal and wave energy is not yet commercially viable, wind energy would appear to be the only practical way of reaching the required target.

          Yet frequently we see the development of large scale onshore wind farms the subject of some controversy. Hence the way forward is to harness the abundant wind resource around our coast.

          This was the message brought to Pembrokeshire South East Energy Group by Dr Paul Carter and Kim Daye of RWE Renewables when they addressed its recent monthly meeting on the subject of the proposed Atlantic Array.

          Paul told the meeting that the aim was to develop a wind farm with the capacity to generate up to 1,500 megawatts of renewable energy within the Bristol Channel Zone. The wind farm would be located around 14 kilometres (km) from closest point to shore on the North Devon coast, 22.5km from closest point to shore the South Wales coast, 13km from Lundy Island and 26km from Caldy Island. Cable landfall from the turbines would be in North Devon with underground connection to the National Grid.

          Most recent public consultation has now ended. This was their section 42 consultation where they shared their proposals with a wide range of statutory consultees including local authorities, land owners, and other interested parties, inviting their comments on their plans. The Company also ran a further stage of public consultation alongside this in response to public feedback from the formal consultation held between September and November 2011 which revealed that communities wanted a further opportunity to comment on the proposal once the results of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) became available.

          The EIA had been completed and its findings accepted by such bodies as the Countryside Commission for Wales and Natural England. As a consequence of this the area originally proposed for the wind farm had been significantly reduced. The needs of the marine life (particularly the dolphins) when undertaking the construction and maintenance of the Array have also been factored in.

          It has also been observed that when the Array is fully functioning bottom fishing in that area will not be possible and many forms of marine life will find a safe haven. Many species will be given space for recovery.

          Local linked community benefit would be considerable the aim was to locally source a wide range of goods and services during both the construction phase and ongoing maintenance. It had been estimated that 200 full time employees would be needed for the latter.

          The original date for submission of the planning application for this development had been December 2012, but to ensure full consideration of all the feedback generated by their consultation, the company had now decided to make their submission in spring 2013. If successful, construction would be phased in, with first production not occurring until 2018.

          RWE, said Kim was also currently developing the 575 MW Gwynt y Mor wind farm off the North Wales coast. This will be completed in 2014. When the proposed Atlantic Array is completed, the two projects together will produce more than the equivalent of the whole Welsh annual domestic electricity needs and this would make a major contribution to meeting the UK's 2020 target for clean green energy.

          The Chair thanked the speakers for their highly informative and thoughtful presentation.


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