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Energy Saving Guide

Save energy. Save money. Save the planet!

Save Energy. Save Money Today

Around the home

  • Turn down the thermostat by 1oC - reduce your heating bill by up to 10%

  • Use energy saving light bulbs - save up to 60 per year

  • Always turn off lights when leaving a room

  • Do not leave computers, televisions, VCR, DVD or Blu-ray players on stand-by

  • Only boil sufficient water in a kettle for your immediate need make sure element is covered

  • Close curtains at dusk

  • Water cylinder thermostat need be no higher than 60oC 65oC

  • Choosing a 30oC washing cycle can reduce costs by half. Only use a pre-wash when necessary. Always do a full load.

  • Dry washing outdoors whenever possible

  • Using a steamer can reduce the number of rings needed on a hot-plate

  • Defrost fridges and freezers regularly

  • Always keep a deep freeze full it is more energy efficient - but air must be allowed to circulate freely

  • Turn off your mobile phone charger as soon as charging is completed

In your Car

  • Keep tyres correctly inflated and so reduce petrol consumption under-inflated tyres create more rolling resistance

  • Remove all unnecessary weight from your car

  • Only turn on the engine when you are ready to go engine warms up as quickly as possible when being driven

  • Avoid rapid acceleration and breaking (except in an emergency)

  • Obey all speed limits - not only keeps you legal but reduces CO2 emissions and increases fuel economy.

    According to Department of Transport figures driving at 70 mph uses up to 9% more fuel than at 60 mph and up to 15% more than at 50 mph.
    Cruising at 80 mph can use up to 25% more fuel than at 70 mph.

Take Action!

  • Roof insulation can reduce heating cost by up to 20%. Roof insulation needs to be between 250-300mm deep.

  • 25% - 33% of heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls. Install cavity wall insulation.

  • 20% of heat is lost through a closed single glazed window. Double glazing can reduce heat loss from windows by up to 50%.

  • Hot water tank insulation needs to be at least 80mm thick. Where possible fit a thermostat to your hot water cylinder.

  • Apply draught-stripping to doors and windows.

  • When buying a new appliance look for the EU energy label aim for an A-rated appliance.

  • Hard to treat walls can be dealt with by internal dry lining or external rendering.

  • Fit thermostats to radiators and turn them to low or off when room is not in use.

Reduce your carbon footprint - Save the planet!

Renewable Energy

Turn your home into a mini power station with these options:
Solar water heatingConstant hot water through the summer at no cost
Solar VoltaicsMake the most of the new Feed-in Tariff

other options include
Biomass boilers
Heat Pumps to pump heat out of the ground or the air
Wind Turbines
Hydro Electric schemes

If you would like to join our group promoting the ideas you see here
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