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Solar Water Heating

Use the power of the sun to provide hot water

Updated on 11th May 2016

     Installing solar water heating panels can reduce the amount of gas, oil, coal or wood you use to provide hot water.

     The U.K. Government's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) makes key policy decisions and the energy regulator Ofgem E-Serve administers the scheme. Policy documents can be found on the UK Government website. The eligibility requirements and rules of the scheme are on Ofgem's Website.

Solar Water Heating Panels

     Ideally install on a south-facing roof with no shading from trees or adjoining property.

Case Study:

     2 Grant Solar OEMs with a total gross surface area of 4.68m2  installed on a south facing roof on 12th February 2010. This gives an Installed Collector Power of 3.28 kW.

Rating:     3.28 kW
Cost:     4,000

Projected solar contribution to domestic heating energy supply:

1,481 kWh per year

          Actual from 12th February 2010 to 12th February 2011: 1,838 kWh

          Actual from 12th February 2011 to 12th February 2012: 1,411 kWh

     From April until October the gas water heating was switched off (apart from a very few 20 minute periods following a rainy day)

 Gas used from 30th March 2009 to 28th September 2009:   2,477 kWh
 Gas used from 29th March 2010 to 27th September 2010:      666 kWh (mainly for a gas hob)

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